How we work

We’re not just another business advisory provider, we were set up to raise the bar and set some standards in the business advisory field. We have proven success producing positive results attaining outcomes we define with our clients

We look to work with clients actively seeking positive change who want to maximise potential of their business.  For business owners this can be a lonely journey.  Many fear the unknown, feeling they do not have the expertise, skills or capacity personally or within their team and it is often difficult to know who to turn to for support.

Our enviable track record of success with our clients heralds from our burning desire to help people.  For us the client always comes first.  We focus on positive relationships to get the best out of people, their team and their business.

Approaching success collaboratively

We work collaboratively with all of our clients, taking a default can-do approach. Tackling any challenge with pragmatism and enthusiasm we see the businesses we work with as partners not simply clients.

Appropriate Solutions

No two business journeys are the same. Our focus is on developing an appropriate strategy to support your business.  

This is focused on outcomes, productivity, profitable growth.  While techniques can be transposed there is no one size fits all strategy.

Outcome focused

Our focus is on how we deliver outcomes which truly benefit our clients.  Our commitment is achieving results that bring quantifiable benefits.  We define these clearly in a strategy we develop with you.  We use measures to determine progress and whether this is on track from the perspective of budget, time and quality.

Understanding you

Working side by side with you and your team is our preference. It’s the best way to understand your business while also enabling transposition of skills and experience. We achieve this with a team of trusted ‘hands-on’ specialists, each with complimentary skill sets and expertise spanning multiple disciplines.

Experience counts

We’ve decades of experience in multifaceted management and board level roles with one aim in common: delivering services that stand head and shoulders above the competition which truly benefit our clients.   We draw on this to  provide you additional resource, expertise and skills to support your business

Our high level process

We typically break our engagement into four key stages…

Discovery & dialogue

The questions here for our consultants are all about understanding your business:

– Where you are?
– Where would you like to get to?
– What does good look like?
– The challenges you face that mean you’re not there yet?
– How long you’d like it to take?

This enables us to gain our baseline understanding of your business and the areas in which you would like us to provide support.

Planning & decision to act

We take our understanding from the discovery and dialogue stage and build that into an initial proposal to review and develop in conjunction with you.

It includes setting ultimate goals for the project, selecting the best implementation methods, impact assessment of change and key performance measures for the process.

The sign off of an  agreed defined scope provides the basis for successful engagement and implementation..

Engagement & implementation

Implementation will normally be undertaken by a combination of our consultants working directly with our clients teams.

The degree of balance between the teams is dependent on the skill set within our clients along with the desired timescale for implementation and tailored accordingly.

This ensures that the changes when they take effect are adopted and utilised by the business at the earliest opportunity to bring benefit.

We report back proactively on achievement of key objectives, implementation milestones and performance measures.

Measuring success

Has the engagement and implementation we have delivered taken you to where you wanted to get to?

What does good actually look like? What are the benefits and improvements we have brought to your business?

We answer all of these questions and more by establishing key measures in the first two stages of engagement, assessing at key milestones through the engagement and implementation stage.

We always look to identify further areas of improvement through adapting the implementation based upon the results achieved throughout the process.

We present and review the results with you iteratively throughout the process and on conclusion to ensure client satisfaction.

Like our approach?

We’re always happy to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss how we can help please let us know, and we’d be delighted to talk. Call, e-mail or fill in the contact form whichever way you contact us we’ll be delighted to hear how we can help.