Who we help

Our ideal clients are looking to strengthen or grow their business, acquire other businesses, or are targeting a business exit through trade sale, succession planning, management buyout or buy in.

They must be open to being challenged and being held to account. They recognise that engaging with an adviser is a sign of strength not weakness. We can look at their business objectively, without being clouded by personalities or historical events. We review their business with them and formulate an action plan to help them achieve their goals.

We can work within the majority of business sectors, but we prefer to work with owner-managed businesses because they can quickly implement the agreed strategies and action plans, unencumbered by numerous committees or large management boards.

We have worked with numerous owner-managed businesses enable our clients to attain their desired outcomes, have more time, more money and more fun!

Where are you on your business journey?

No two business journeys are the same with many varying routes that can be taken.

No matter where you are we are ready to help take you to that next step.

Start up

Start Up

– Start-up funding for you, your idea and your business.
– Development and expertise for you and your idea.
– A safe and productive sounding board for you and your idea.
– Mentors for you and your journey
– Financial management and planning
– Spring board to growth

Growth Phase


– You should begin building a leadership team
– Focus on winning and retaining clients
– A clear strategy for execution is now essential
– Investment in people, systems and development of processes
– Sales and marketing, and funding growth
– Prioritise efficient cash management – optimising working capita


Maturity & Expansion

– Develop skilled and motivated middle management team
– Create scalable IT systems and work processes
– Focus on market trends, customer needs and competitor activity
– Identifcation of acquisition opportunities
– Ensure your shareholder structure fit for purpose
– Enhancing cash and return on investment will drive business success

Sale and Exit

– Decide if you are emotionally ready to sell your business
– Review the business and prepare for due diligence
– Identify and address any weaknesses
– Ensure the management team enhances your business valuation, confirm they are aligned on aspiration and purpose
– Review your professional adviser team
– Review your shareholder and capital structure

Like our approach?

We’re always happy to provide you with more information or answer any questions you may have.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting or a call to discuss how we can help please let us know, and we’d be delighted to talk. Call, e-mail or fill in the contact form whichever way you contact us we’ll be delighted to hear how we can help.